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The Funding Zone has been helping local High School sports programs, middle schools, little leagues and all types of youth organizations in the Northeast raise money for many years. We pride ourselves in our integrity while providing the best possible fundraisers and highest payouts in the industry.  We are committed to being the best in the business and our company has grown over the years purely on word of mouth advertising, referrals from other coaches, booster clubs & groups and of course, because of our great reputation.While there may be other fundraising companies out there, we guarantee that our program and hands on approach is what sets us aside from everyone else.  

The Funding Zone provides a WIN-WIN-WIN deal for everyone.*No Upfront Costs + No Minimums = Hassle Free Fundraiser.  We provide a risk free fundraiser as well as take back any unsold product. Each one of our products provides tremendous value for your customers and are designed by a graphics design expert to assure a top quality fundraiser.Your local merchants do not pay to participate in any of our programs so it is free advertising for them and a great way to pay them back for supporting your school throughout the year.  While your kids will be selling the fundraiser to raise money for your group and your local businesses are advertising for free, your customers are also winning as well! They will save Hundreds of dollars throughout the year by using their Zone Cards, Ticket Packages, VIP Cards, Player’s Pass and more.We offer the easiest and most risk free fundraisers in the industry but at the same time we guarantee that they will always be the most PROFITABLE.