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The Funding Zone knows that one of the most vital parts of a teams season is its budget. How do we know this? Probably because The Funding Zone’s representatives are all former coaches and players themselves who know the importance of preparing for the next game, but also know how important the budget and fundraising is for a teams success.

 Our representatives’ job is to simply join your staff as your fundraising coach for just 7-10 days and handle the fundraising for you from start to finish. Just as your offensive coordinator, first base coach or any assistant coach would handle their area of expertise, we take care of your fundraiser because that is our area of expertise. As a head coach, you wear enough hats during the season so our representatives put on the fundraising hat for you. The Funding Zone’s hands on approach is what sets us aside from everyone else.

We simply become a part of your coaching staff and just like your assistants, we will help prepare the team for the upcoming season. The only difference is that we are preparing your fundraiser, not your game plan.

The Funding Zone also speaks with all of your local businesses to get them on board with your fundraiser. We will gather information from you, your coaches and or booster club about the local businesses and then we get to work.

We Design The Program, We Provide Results

The Head Coach & Booster Club will also get to sign off on the final proof of your fundraiser so you know exactly what you are getting before we even start!!

We work behind the scenes developing your fundraiser during our “preseason” so that when your preseason starts, we are ready to go just like the rest of your coaching staff.

By the time the preseason starts, we have already done the behind the scenes work for you and will have your fundraiser printed and ready to go. We then meet with your team after a preseason practice for only about 10 minutes to explain how the program works, provide tremendous incentives for the players, distribute the fundraiser and then we let them do their job selling for about 7-10 days.

Our representatives are there every step of the way for you. We are also there to help collect all of the money, take back all unsold products, hand out the prizes and most importantly hand you a tremendous amount of money for your program! This personal touch is what sets The Funding Zone aside from everyone else.

Our representatives take pride in what they do and love seeing the reaction from the coaching staff when the fundraiser has been completed. Our program is a proven system that will make you wonder why you ever even tried to handle your fundraiser by yourself. A great coach or leader knows the best way to be successful is to surround yourself with great assistants.

The next coach you add to your staff should be a Funding Zone Fundraising Coach!